How it works

In India

This program is for students starting 8th or 9th grades with economic disadvantage in India. The program will start with Sohna government school and then expand from there to other schools and universities.

Students from Sohna government school will be selected for the first round of screening based on their academic and financial background. The second round of screening will be FIIT JEE Reward Examination(FTRE) which is an entrance test for the coaching institute, FIIT JEE. Candidates will have to prepare for the entrance exam own their own. Once they are selected in FIIT JEE training, screening students will go through 2 years of weekend training program in FIIT JEE. The tuition fee for the training will be paid by AmAricanIndus. The students will be provided with all the facilities they require to excel in their training. They will be provided with computers and internet facilities in Sohna.

Once the students enrolled in the training program pass the JEE and get admitted to IIT-BHU, the organization will pay for their college fee, subject to the condition that they maintain their grades there.

In the USA

The students in 11th and 12th grade can apply for this scholarship. A student would have to provide the proof of parents and their own income, a recommendation letter from school/teacher and transcript. A student will be selected for the scholarship based on their financial conditions and grades. A student will be able to apply online through the website.